how we were born

Passion + Love

Cálya was born in 2020, during the pandemic. In my case, because of the need to not sit still, to feel useful, to get to work. I never really liked being still, I've done a thousand and one things when it comes to manual work. I've had a thousand and one project ideas (and still do). My head is always buzzing with new ideas and the desire to create different things. Cálya is the reflection of what I want to do with my life. To create. Having my own business, where I can let my creativity flow and try new things.

Cálya has always been my hobby and this has meant that it has often been relegated to the background. Many times I disbelieved, I thought the best thing would be to stop but I always tried again. Until I said goodbye. And today I make Cálya my life. And I want you to be part of Cálya too, because everything I do is thinking about whoever is on that side.

Francisca Costa, Founder & Manager

ABOUT OUR jewels

Timeless and Delicate

Whenever I create or choose pieces for Cálya I always try to think about what situations those pieces will be used in! And the truth is that most of the time I create pieces that are as suitable for everyday life as for any other occasion!

Creating is my favorite part of the entire process! This is where I feel Cálya stands out.

My goal is for my pieces to be versatile and also timeless, but above all, for people to feel powerful when they wear them! And hence the brand's motto: Handmade jewelry for powerful people. I really believe this. That we feel even more powerful when we feel good about ourselves and the way we present ourselves to others. For me, jewelry is a statement of style and expression.

Colar com coração dourado


A bold selection

For this collection I decided I wanted bolder pieces that stood out. Cooler weather, thicker sweaters and bigger clothes are coming. I didn't want the jewelry to get lost among the clothes. And that's why I decided to create a bolder collection, with large, flashy pieces and other more delicate and elegant pieces, as has always been Cálya's signature.